Book Report: Welcome To Envy Park by Mina V. Esguerra

When I bought this book, the plan was to bring it with me in the hospital. I wanted something that would cheer me up after the heavy doses of morphine and pain killers. Anyway, I think it was good that I didn’t bring it, because Welcome to Envy Park is exactly the kind of book that I would curl up with along with a cup of coffee on a lonely, rainy night.

What is it about?


Moira just came back from Singapore and she doesn’t have any plans to stay long in Manila. Instead of staying with her annoyingly hovering mom, she lived in her condo unit in NV park – something that she prided herself with along with the successful career she had back in Singapore. She created herself a timeline, when is she going out of the country again and nurture her career. But here comes Ethan, a guy form the 9th floor who’s not exactly a destruction to her plans, but could be fun to be with while she’s here. But Ethan proves to be more that just that… 😍

What I Think About It

Ms. Mina V. Esguerra does it again – an admirable main character, that perfectly represents power women. I admire Moira’s courage, determination and confidence that she will be able to accomplish her plans in the timeframe she ad given herself, no matter what the circumstances are. It’s just that her confidence seemed to dwindle, when she felt the pressure of not being able to find a real job on time, and the knowledge that her mom is about to sell her unit in the lavish NV Park. The book also manifests that, even the most successful women have their insecurities too (at least that’s how I see it). Moira makes charts and diagrams of people around her, of they have achieved in life so far, and their personalities. Sometimes, I find myself do exactly like that, in order to reassure myself that I am still doing good in life despite stalling and being idle (harhar). Another reality that I’ve read in this book is that, you can’t really help but compare yourself with someone whom you grew up with. That’s actually what Moira does, unconsciously though, with her bestfriend from college, Roxie.

Let’s Talk About Ethan

I imagined Ethan to be a tall, pale guy, not so much in the abs department with his hair sleek and shiny – I was imagining him looking like Matteo Do (Kim Soo Hyun). LOL! Maybe it was because he was the shy guy, the one that never smiles, the one who’s normally quiet. I was already falling in love with him until I reached the part when Moira did a diagram about him, and one of the results was kinda disappointing for me. Anyway, he was able to redeem himself in the end, and maybe he just needed to feel in love in order to move according to his will.

In Conclusion

Welcome to Envy Park effectively kept me company last night as the rain pours. Though I have some projects to finish, I couldn’t seem to put the book down. And I think what I’ve learned from the books is that, circumstances change and we must be able to embrace them when they do.

Should you read it?

Absolutely! I got my copy from the National Book Store and my Php185 went farther than I expected. Or maybe you can check out for further details.

Happy reading!


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