Book Report: Vintage Love by Agay Llanera

It’s been several weeks since I last read a #romanceclass book. I should say that each time I open a new book, I am reminded that Filipino romance has a distinct element that I can’t seem to point out, which is definitely missing from other romance books I’ve read before. Agay Llanera‘s Vintage Love is no different.

Crocheted bookmark by @happilyevercraftermom

What is it about?

Chrissy is a 26-year old workaholic leading a drab life and couldn’t seem to get over her ex, Benj. But as she and her bestfriend, Bea rummaged through the colorful vintage stuff left behind by her great grand-aunt, it seemed to inspire her to be someone else, although not all together. Then she met Vince in an almost awkward situation, without knowing that this guy might be the reason for that big leap of faith.

What I Think About It?

I am just so glad that I finally gave myself the chance to read this book. The vintage stuff fascinated me big time, and it made me wonder what it would have been like if I grew up with my great-aunts. Chrissy and Vince’s meet-cute is also something that I can’t easily get over with. I had to say, I found Vince a bit annoying at first, just until he met Chrissy again in his own shop. It’s just that I felt like there could have been more that happened between them. I was actually expecting Vince to show up in the middle of Chrissy and Bea’s summer escapade, only to find out that an obnoxious guy who’s seemingly full of himself was there. Seriously, I hate Benj for everything he did – past and present and I want to be face to face with him and ask him, “Who do you freakin’ think you are?”

In Conclusion

I enjoyed every page of Vintage Love that I didn’t notice the full 2 hours I was turning the pages. It wasn’t just a romance story, it also felt like an instruction book of what to do when it comes to moving on and taking that leap of faith towards a big change in someone’s life.

Should you read it?

Definitely. I got my copy as a giveaway from the #romanceclass April Feels Day, but the book is available at the National Bookstore and other bookstores nationwide. You can also check out for more books by Agay Llanera and other Filipino authors.


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