Oriental Food Feast at Tokyo Bubble Tea

Yesterday was another food trip day, this time with BFF-slash-beta reader Nikki. Since we went to Lucca for a heavy snack, by dinnertime, we decided to try something Oriental. Ramen was the first thing we had in mind so we went to the first restaurant we saw that serves it.

Then Tokyo Bubble Tea said hi.

This was my first time at Tokyo Bubble Tea, and I should say I’m glad we made this decision. I’ve been seeing a lot of this restaurant in my Facebook as well, so it really got me curious. I went to the original plan and got the ramen I’ve been craving for, but BFF opted for the Caesar salad instead.


© Nikki

The Chassu Pork Miso Ramen and its generous slices of pork is such a superb meal, perfect for rainy days. I just had to eat it while it’s still hot, because I know I would no longer appreciate it if it’s cold (well, who eats cold soup on rainy days? You? Okay.). The Caesar salad looked good enough and BFF said it tasted even better. According to her, the dressing had other variation of flavors. Then I thought, maybe that’s what makes the Oriental vegetable salads extra special.

Then of course, Japanese food trip will not be complete without shashimi (at least that’s what I think) so we also had tuna and salmon shashimi.

© Nikki

Salmon sashimi is always tastier than tuna, but a variety of sashimis on our table looked awesome. And it’s pretty hard to look for a place where they serve good sashimi at an inexpensive price, so we seized it. We said we can eat this all day.

Apart from the good food and the sort of ambience (I was sitting next to the cherry blossom tree 😂) the service was really great. Janet was very attentive and answered every question I had because I was thinking of getting the loyalty card. In the end I forgot all about the card and just got excited of sharing this experience here on my blog.

So if you’re looking for something Oriental to eat, Tokyo Bubble Tea is a perfect choice.

What is your favorite Oriental food? Tell me about it in the comments section below.


Beth G.


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