If We Were Having Coffee

Hearing the birds chirp this morning didn’t make me smile. I was hoping to smell the wet leaves on a cold morning. I waited for the rain last night, but I just kept on waiting.

The week was eventful – I’ve finished the final draft of my #romanceclass manuscript! We were 44 in class, and I was one of the 14 who made it to the finals. I can’t exactly say I bled on it, but I can’t say that I didn’t sweat either. But the long hours of researches and outlining the story, as well as the brainstorming I did with my BFF and beta reader thru Facebook Messenger made it all worth it when I finally had this to capture.


I do hope you are excited about this, too. It’s not the first time I finished a full length novella, but the overwhelming feeling of doing so is still there. This is another romance story, about a Spanish chef and a girl who was trying to figure out her grandmother’s love story. I intend to publish this as soon as some of my other priorities have been taken care of.

I also did some editing of manuscripts written by other authors (if you want me to edit and proofread your work, then click here :D). One of them made me go gaga over the fact that there was too much sweetness and kilig it made me want the book be available in the market the soonest. One of of them made me want to boycott all the author’s works because, really? You do not copy from someone else’s book if you cannot justify some scenes in your story! That’s plagiarism and fraud and you can go to jail because of it!

So to pacify myself about that, and also to reward myself for a job well done in #romanceclass, I decided to buy myself new books. I know I’d need them although I still have three books to finish by Wednesday (bookworm problems). So I lurked in bookstores, and I realized I’ve already forgotten how exciting, at the same time tiring book hunting was. I grabbed Mina V. Esguerra’s Welcome To Envy Park. Then i looked for Marla Miniano’s From This Day Forward. Sadly, it’s sold out in all Powerbooks branches and National Book Store wasn’t very helpful. I know I can just buy the digital copy just for the sake of having it read, but I still want the hard print.


If you know where I can get the copy of that book in print, please let me know.

What happened to you last week? Tell me about it?


Beth G.


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