For the Love of Pasta: Arrabiata Penne by Pasto

The week has just started and here I am treating myself to yet another Italian food trip. These solitary food trips are becoming some sort of a habit now, so let me share you my latest food adventure.


Shangri-La Plaza Mall has always been my tambayan so I didn’t know how come I discovered Pasto just now. I only realized the answer to this question when I went up there, remembering that the part of the mall is too warm compared to the lower levels. Anyway, I was craving for pasta this afternoon (or maybe I always am) so I decided to give this a try. The menu is impressive but since I am partial to tomato-based sauce, I went for the Arrabiata penne. It’s supposed to be the spiced tomato-based Italian pasta sauce recipe, so I braced myself for the red-hot-but-not-too-hot meal. Thing is, it wasn’t really spicy at all, which, in my opinion is great. There’s a little canister of chili flakes in front of me so I could just sprinkle it with my desired hotness. The taste of the smoked bacon was also prominent and add the fresh basil on top of it, it just became a superb solitary meal of the day. I’d definitely go back for it, and maybe go with some friends so we can all try the pizza margherita just for the experience.

When was your latest food trip? Tell me about it.


Beth G.


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