If We Were Having Coffee

I am not feeling well the past three days. The sudden change in weather felt like a betrayal, and add the fact that my immune system is quite a wreckage, nothing’s stopping the cough and colds to put me on house arrest. But I still thank God for the little favors like a warm cup of coffee in an almost sunny Saturday morning.

Last night I was trying to polish my #romanceclass novella. I already received some feedbacks from the beta readers, and I am just so glad that my story was really scrutinized for the better, if not for perfection. I also have emailed my feedbacks to the stories I’ve beta read, hoping that my suggestions are constructive and helpful. At this rate, I think I could make the final draft ready by the end of this month, and that means hooray for a fifth book in the market. 😄

As of the moment, I have three books to read and review, and I haven’t even done half of the first book. It’s a good book, though. It’s just that my head feels so foggy because of the damn colds. By the end of today, I might be able to post a review about it and you can find that at reviewsbybethg.wordpress.com.


Will you tell me about your recent adventures?

Have a good weekend!


Beth G.


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