Free Books, Anyone?

Hello fellow bookworms out there! I know this post will catch your attention, if you are, like me, are extra sensitive with words like free and books, especially if they are being put together, side by side. No, I am not giving out any of my own books just yet (but watch out for announcements since I am cooking something up). I just want to share with you where I get the books I read at my own leisure.


Book Shark. This website is super awesome because you’ll get daily email updates (you read it right, DAILY) of free books available for download in Amazon. If you are a book lover and basically do not have any specific genre in your reading list, then this is just perfect. They offer different kinds of genre, although some are available for no more than $2.99. But most books are free. Check the website at and sign up.

This is one of the books I got from Book Shark. I think I'v been seeing the print version for weeks and now I have the digital copy.


BookBub. If you are genre specific, or even author specific, then this site is for you. Just like Book Shark, you’ll get daily updates on free and discounted books in Amazon. The discounted books range from $.099-$2.99 which is not so bad since they also offer box-set books for the same price. What’s more, upon signing up, you’ll get to be asked which book you prefer or who’s that particular author whose books you want to receive updates about. Go check their website at

Been seeing this book in National Book Store. Now I got the digital price from Amazon for free!

Both sites works if you have at least an Amazon account. If you do not have Kindle eReader, there’s Kindle app that can be downloaded to your Android or iOS device.

Although there is something to be said about tangible books (I love the smell of the pages of a new book), digital versions are good enough for me to satisfy my cravings for books. But what about you? Do you prefer an actual book or digital copies? This has been the bookworm debate for the longest time and until now I haven’t decided yet. 😄


Beth G. 


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