Freelancing 101: How My Hobby Launched My Freelancing Career

Wouldn’t it be awesome to do something you love the most and get paid for it? I bet there’s a handful of people already doing this – getting paid while doing something they considered a hobby. During my employment days, I also daydreamed about getting a job like that. I was getting tired of taking calls and assisting customers that were too far away from me. But then I asked myself back – who’s going to pay me to read books all day?

I didn’t have any idea back then that it was possible. Reading books is a hobby wherein you’re the one who needs to spend the money, and not the other way around. But I felt like I could have a future in writing, so I started up a blog and told everyone in the cyberspace what I was up to. I continued reading books and told people through my blog how I loved the book I just read, or how I didn’t like it. There was even a time when the author of one of the books I reviewed tweeted me, thanking me for the review I did about her book.

And so it began. I set up an account in ODesk (now UpWork) after one of my friends told me that I could find writing jobs there and somehow get paid. I took the necessary exams and sold myself through an impressive profile, attaching the link to my blog. But since I was just getting started and I still didn’t have the required duration of being an Odesk/Upwork freelancer, the employers declined my applications.

Except for one.

No, I didn’t apply for that job. I suspect the employer took a look at my profile and saw my blog link and there – he found what he was looking for. He said he had some Kindle books he wanted to get reviewed for a fee. He needed honest reviews and he liked the way I talk about the books I’ve read.


It didn’t take me a minute to say yes. I immediately accepted the job offer and so, my freelancing career began. I get to have free books, read them at my own leisure and talk about them in my blog just like what I’ve been doing. The only difference is that, instead of going broke due to buying books, some money is piling up in my bank account.

I didn’t get that job overnight, though. It took me a while to get noticed in the world of freelance writing. Although these days, reading books isn’t just a hobby for me, it’s also a source of a passive income. The payment might not be enough to pay bills, but still, I have something to put on my emergency fund.

If you are thinking about going freelance, or maybe turning your passion into profit, I suggest you evaluate yourself. What do you love doing the most? Then maybe you can start doing something about it.


Beth G.


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