Beta Readers and How Important They Are

May is already half gone and as it fades away completely, there are some projects that I am expected to finish. One of these projects is, of course, the #romanceclass.

As I have said in one of my posts, I’ve already finished working on my manuscript. I had a hard time cutting words (they say words don’t bleed but I was the one who did bleed) but in the end, I was able to produce a decent draft. By decent, I mean it’s ready for the beta readers to evaluate. I have been in the writing and publishing industry for just a little over a year, and if there is one thing I’ve learned and proved, that is there is no such thing as perfect draft.


The Role of Beta Readers. I have been doing this even before I got published – complete a manuscript and ask my BFF to read it and tell me what parts should I improve or if there are scenes that need to be taken off or need to be added. I am just so thankful and lucky, because Nicole is such a nice gurl who tells me hard-to-accept truths. When I attended the Just Write PH writing workshop, I learned that what she was doing for me is beta-reading.


Nope, they’re not editors. What they do is simply evaluate your story and tell you what to improve and what to keep in the story.

How to Look for a Beta Reader. First of all, beta readers should earn your confidence. In my personal experience, I’m not comfortable flaunting my works to  some select people (even after the book had been published). It feels like I am sharing a part of myself to them, and so I tend to seek refuge to those who have known me for a long time and somehow understand my train of thought. My friends are perfect for this, but not all of them, of course. Because I also need someone who likes reading romance and appreciate the story more or less. I also need someone who’s not going to judge me because I write romance, but will tell me hard truths about my manuscript (I REALLY THANK GOD FOR NICOLE!!!😂) .

So anyway, since my super reliable beta reader ha already givn me her thoughts about my story, I am swapping manuscripts with a couple of my #romanceclass classmates and see what we think about each other’s works. We were advised not to get more than three beta readers to avoid confusion. God, I can’t wait for the feedback.


Beth G.


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