Book Report: Peyton Riley by Bianca Mori

The Takedown series proves to be a great way to spend the weekend, that is if you decide to spend it with books. My Sunday afternoons which were usually lazy became intense and exciting.

What Is It About?

Peyton Riley is the second installment of the Takedown series. Unlike In Too Deep which featured a demure place and character of Mary Shaw (okay, not too demure, I guess), Peyton Riley takes you to the cobbled streets of  Amsterdam, where she was commanded to stop the sale of a controversial work of art from happening. With Carson by her side and some unknown faces watching her every move, Peyton had no choice but to perform the task.


What I Think About It?

I must confess I can’t help but imagine Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but I still have to read the third book to confirm my suspicions (but I am open to a lot of plot twists). I like the fact that the questions formulated in my head upon reading the first book were answered in this book (e.g. what happened in Barcelona?). So Peyton is someone you pay to do odd things like stealing confidential and extremely important files or stop an event from happening, without making it look like it was ployed. I personally haven’t established yet if this is a legal job ( the freelancer in me might consider, hahaha), but I’ve seen too many movies with a similar plot, and I didn’t know that reading the story could actually be as exciting as watching it on screen. Though I completely understand that this book has focused on Peyton’s job at hand and therefore it almost resembles a crime book, I can’t help but feel a bit incomplete for the not-super-low-but-low smut level of the book. 😂 No, it’s not really a problem. The book is good as it is. Maybe I am just used to Bianca Mori’s other works and the smut level offered in those.

All in all, Takedown Book 2 – Peyton Riley will definitely add a total excitement on your lazy Sunday afternoon. Or any lazy day for that matter. I suggest you read it. Get it on Amazon for $0.99.

What kind of book is your favorite weekend read? Tell me about it.


Beth G.


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