If We Were Having Coffee: I’d Tell You What I Think About May 9

It’s Mom’s Day today and I didn’t go to church this morning. Last Sunday I attended the afternoon mass which was good. I think that’s just what I’m gonna do today.

Yesterday, there was also a mass held for the PPCRV (Parish Pastoral Council forResponsible Voting) volunteers. We prayed for a clean and honest elections come May 9 (yes, tomorrow). Then after the mass, we gave orientation for the other volunteers who will man for the Voters’ Assistance Desk.


Speaking of elections…

As I sip my coffee, I imagine what’s going to happen the day after tomorrow, and the days and weeks and months and years after that. This has been the most intense national elections I’ve ever witnessed ever since I became aware of it and decided to meddle with what’s going on around me. Although there were some allegations of different kinds of electoral sabotage (vote buying, poll cheating, killing of opponents), those violent reactions are almost always left to them candidates. Us, the voters were all merely expectators, waiting for the results of our joined efforts of changing the country through the ballots we cast and the ink on our forefingers.

This time, it is far more different. Violence, especially verbal, is too palpable that even those who just wanted to keep silent are provoked to speak their minds. Those who do not even know what they’re talking about became the greatest debater of all time, violating all the rules of rhetorics. Those who do not even know half of what’s going on became information experts by merely copying and pasting from certain web pages. I know this is harsh, and I might appear too judgmental, but this is what I observed.

The Power of Social Media

When Facebook era has begun, netizens became the most powerful people in the world. They are the ones dictating what to talk about, the ones deciding which issues are worth their time for debates, and the ones who would say who’s famous or not. Though there are lots of good things that Facebook offers, people insist on using it the other way around. This is the saddest truth. This elections, people use it to destroy the credibility of the personalities with whom they are against, personalities who are technically strangers to them. People use social media to degrade and humiliate those who do not agree with what they believe in. People use social media to hurt and demoralize those who do not think they way they do. Social media has become the platform for anyone who wanted to speak up their minds at the expense of other people’s feelings, which I think is far more cruel than physical hurt.

As PPCRV Volunteer


PPCRV is a non-partisan group allowed by the COMELEC to watch during elections and casting of ballots to ensure a clean and honest elections. As a PPCRV volunteer, I have to restrain myself from speaking about which candidate I am rooting for. However, it became a great challenge restraining myself from speaking my mind about the candidates who’d go an extra mile in demonstrating how he or she would pull out every shred of human right I have in me once allowed to gain the power. I cannot allow myself to condone the verbal abuse done to women like me,  from their supporters who wanted change and campaigning for change, when they themselves cannot behave like changed people. I do not speak and comment, no. I simply click the share button of the posts I agree with. The least I can do as a non-partisan volunteer (which I think I violated).

I believe that the plan of God will prevail tomorrow. He’s not going to allow the Philippines in the mercy of a leader who has the potential to tolerate, and even start bloodshed. God will not allow the Philippines under the regime of a leader who might not understand what the rule of law truly means. If you are a Filipino and about to cast your vote tomorrow, please. Vote wisely.

Tell me what’s on your mind.


Beth G.


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