All Good Things

1) My domain has already been mapped out to this blog. I thought I would no longer be able to do so, since I was under the impression that it’ll take more than my ink and wit. But no, I learned that it was just an email away.

2) Having the [same old brand] new domain, I figured a layout change was necessary. I made all black and white to make it look clean and somehow professional, although the girl who eternally loves pink in me screams in utmost protest. I think I’m gonna heed her and do some overhauling again this weekend.

3) I am finally a established seller in PayPal. Okay, I am not selling goods, but services, and my PayPal account was originally intended to receive payments from my clients abroad (oh the joys of freelancing!). There are some rules to adhere and requirements to meet, and I was able to do all of them. Now I can access my moolah instantly.

4) I’ve finally decided on which dress to wear on my BFF’s wedding. I won’t post here the picture of the dress, because it’s still subject for the bride’s approval. We’re supposed to meet at our newest favorite place, Lucca Bakery, so she can tell me if it’s totally okay or I should schedule another day for dress hunt. And yeah, I also figured that we don’t really care about our diets even if the wedding is just roughly eight weeks away.

5) The priest that I’ve known since I was a kid visited Manila and we saw each other. I am not so sure where he is based, but most probably in Italy. He’s an Argentinian, though, and I’ve known him since I was a teenager. I am just so glad that after all those years, he still knows me, and it was so awesome that we are both excited to see each other.

From Argentina with love. Hello Fr. Miguel. 🙂

How did your week go? Tell me about it.


Beth G.


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