If We Were Having Coffee

I know this should be during Saturdays, but I figured Sunday mornings are far more ideal to share a cup of coffee with someone.


So I’d like to tell you that I wasn’t able to attend mass this morning. I stayed up pretty late last night so I could make it to the final hours of the entry submissions of that writing competition I was talking about. I thought I’d give up – my internet connection was freakin’ slow I thought it would fail me like so many times it did before.

Aside from that, I also submitted the last three pages of the Act 2 of my #romanceclass novella. I’ve already finished the manuscript, and though I have complete faith with my beta readers, I think it would still be worth listening to other people’s opinion. The question is, with whom am I going to entrust my manuscript?

Finally, I went out to stroll yesterday. I was supposed to be with the rest of the #romanceclass people, but I didn’t make it. I mean, my social animal side wasn’t in the mood and I felt like I’d rather be alone. For the #romanceclass peeps, I’d really love to meet all of you and do some small talk, but yesterday wasn’t just the day, if you know what I mean. So, going back, yesterday afternoon I felt nostalgia. I remember it was what I normally did whenever I had work time off – stroll in the mall alone. I would’ve seen Civil War but the ticket booths were all pretty lined up. Then I went to Gotti’s because I was craving for pasta. Maybe I should talk about this restaurant in a separate post.

Oh yeah, I still have to post that review for In Too Deep.

And who’s that Facebook friend whom you’re saying I love you with?


Beth G.


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