Book Report: In Too Deep by Bianca Mori

A pristine and secluded island with only a limited number of guests. The beach. Nature that has never been touched that’s almost primitive without giving up the luxury of modern living. If you were in a vacation like this, what more could you possibly ask for? Oh and yeah, not to mention a hot summer fling and a storm that will force you to stay in the island longer than you originally planned?


What Is It About?

Mary Shaw decided to go on a summer vacation after finishing a big project. She went to Cosa I’mbahi, a secluded and hidden island with only a handful of other guests. Then she meets Carson, this handsome guy who can’t seem to take off his eyes and not to mention his hands on her. So maybe, Mary won’t be getting the vacation she planned for. Or maybe this is exactly what she wants.

What I Think About It?

One Night In the Palace Hotel is the only other book I’ve read by Bianca Mori, and I thought that book was hot enough. Well I should say In Too Deep is hotter – a sizzler romance novella that you should be reading while on the beach! Maybe I should really plan for a summer escapade – just me all alone and maybe there’s just a guy like Carson who’d complete my summer. But no, I don’t have irresistible red locks like Mary’s. Kidding aside, this book actually surprised me. Not because of the smut level (I suppose that is to be expected) but because of how it ends. I didn’t expect that Mary… well you have to read it to be able to understand what I’m saying. I am not reading blurbs since they tend to mislead me and make me expect for the book to be something it isn’t. But to say the least, In Too Deep isn’t just a romance story – it is also packed with mystery (Mary keeps on having nightmares) and I’d love to unlock this by reading further. In Too Deep is the first installment of a trilogy, and the final book was released just yesterday. The second book, Peyton Riley is currently on my bedside table read.

Should You Read It?

Definitely! In Too Deep is a mix of romance and mystery – it kept me asking myself what was the nightmare about and who really is Mary Shaw. Add the fact that it was set on the beach where everyone’s showing a lot of skin. Plus, it’s a quick read that I was able to finish it before a nurse called my name to see the doctor. It’s a perfect summer read.  Get it on Amazon for $0.99.


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