All The Good Things

1) I created another blog, which contains all my reviews of the Kindle books assigned to me, regardless of the genre. The blog was up last year and became dormant for sometime, but now I decided to have it revived. Please check it out and hit that Subscribe button if you don’t mind.

2) After I was assigned two Kindle books to review, I decided to give it a break to give way to my leisure reading. I mean, I needed to have some books to read that’s not part of my project. Anyway, I was in the doctor’s office when I read In Too Deep by Bianca Mori, another #romanceclass author, and it made me decide to read the trilogy this weekend. Oh and yeah, expect my review on the first installment right after this post. 😂


3) My friends and I went to this place called Tipsy Beans Unplugged, where I had a biggie Americano and a slice of chocolate cake. I want to make a separate post about it, but I want to give it another chance since I wasn’t quite satisfied. But what I’d like to share right now is that card game my friends introduced me (I forgot what it’s called) and it basically gave me an idea how wholesome (or naughty) I could be.


4) A friend introduced me to, a website the provides updates about free books up in Amazon (hooray for free books!). If you are a book freak and have an Amazon account, you might want to check it out.

5) I cooked beef and broccoli and spaghetti carbonara (too bad I don’t have pictures). I know it was necessary to mention this because it was a special day. Anyway, people evidently enjoyed the pasta – they said it was good. If they said that because it was really good or just because it was my birthday, I’d never know. Oops, did I really say my natal day just happened?

What about you? What’s your week story?


Beth G.


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