If We Were Having Coffee

It’s been a week and I haven’t posted anything – no book reviews, no updates. It’s not that I haven’t been reading (God knows I do a lot these days) but it’s all work related. Anyway, there are things I wish to share with you, if we were having coffee.

I haven’t have the forms notarized yet – the ones I need to submit along with my entry to that writing competition I plan to enter. I hope I accomplish it next week because I really want to join. Win or lose, I know I did something beyond what I thought I could do.

This weekend, I’ve got romance books to read – a couple of them came from the epic #AprilFeelsDay and the other one I got for free yesterday (I am a sucker for freebies). Sadly, they are being added to the pile of books in my so-called parking lot shelf which I intend to start perusing once I have settled everything.

Can't believe I am sharing this just now. My #AprilFeelsDay haul.

Oh and yeah. I super want to go to  Dia del Libro hosted by Instituto Cervantes de Manila, but my budget for book hauling is still withheld by PayPal. Sucker!

What’s your story if we were having coffee?


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