Lucca Bakery Version 3.0

Although the food at Pegi waffles were an absolute best, I ended up looking for more food yesterday. And though I would typically insist on my signature pick-me-up of pizza-pasta from Sbarro, cravings for sweets and coffee prevailed. So my friends and I went to Lucca Bakery, since one of them wanted to experience the epic 5-layer chocolate cake. If you were going to ask me, Lucca Bakery has officially become one of my favorite to-go places.

So off we went, and as much as the chocolate sucker in me urged to order that big chunk of choco cake, I figured it would be good to try out a different one. I originally went for the peanut butter pie but it wasn’t available, so I bought the red velvet cake instead.


The rich and flavorful dessert oozed in my mouth like no other. I can’t recall the last time I had a red velvet cake, so there’s nothing to compare. It was a big chunk though – a slice could serve two people just for Php125 and my creamed Americano went well with it. Move over, Starbucks!


The pizza margherita was on helluva meal too. My friend ordered the 255-peso goodness which can serve three to four people. I just love the taste and feel of the rich melted mozzarella in my mouth, combined with the sourness of tomatoes (I love tomatoes, by the way) and the almost crunchy crust. Well, Sbarro’s still my favorite but I must admit Lucca Bakery gave me so much more than what I expected. Italian food has always been my favorite, and I think I just discovered a new haven (I’ve read somewhere that Lucca Bakery is an Italian restaurant though I am not sure if it’s true).

What’s your favorite cuisine? Tell me about it.


Beth G.


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