#AprilFeelsDay: A Sunday To Remember

So yesterday, #AprilFeelsDay finally happened and I must say that it really did go beyond my expectation. Like the other writing events I’ve attended to in the past, I thought everyone would end up sitting in a long table discussing and talking about writing and reading romance books.


Pegi Waffles was packed with people – authors, readers and even actors. The registration table is full of romance books by Filipino authors and I am still in awe that my book became one of them even for a moment.


I didn’t sign up for the tarot card reading though, but I figured it would be fun (religion issues), the caramel waffle and ravioli were truly superb and what’s more, I get to meet my fellow Just Write PH authors.


The thing I loved the most was the “book reading”, where in actors read and gave life to the excerpts of some selected romance books. My favorite so far was All Is Fair in Blog and War, and until now I could feel Five’s tension as she was trying to convince herself that bungee jumping was ever worth it, and I promise myself to read this book. Rachelle Coates and Gio Gahol did a super great job.

I wasn’t able to take lots of pictures (was too starstruck by Jay E. Tria, author of Songs of Our Break Up) but it was the experience that really counts.

It was a Sunday to remember.


Beth G.


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