If We Were Having Coffee…

It’s another lazy Saturday morning and I couldn’t be thankful enough. I haven’t touched this space for a week – a lot of things has been going on and I just couldn’t seem to gather all my scattered thoughts all in one place.

© to the owner of the photo.

There are several writing opportunities that await me, and I figured since I’m done with my #romanceclass manuscript, maybe I should try testing the waters and get out of my comfort zone. I decided to join this writing contest, revised a short story that’s been in my drive for years and figured maybe it’s time for it to be seen in public. Submission of entries will be by the end of this month, and I promised myself to complete all the required documents by next week. Geez, I really do pray I win.

Meanwhile, #AprilFeelsDay is happening tomorrow. I’ve already printed the materials for my DIY giveaway (yes, I’ll be giving away digital copies of my books) but I can’t have the strength to get them ready. Maybe because it’s too early or I just want to lounge more since it’s the weekend.

I really do miss you, you know.

What are you gonna tell me? If we were having coffee…


Beth G.


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