Back to Normal

I have a confession to make: I am bored during the Holy Week.

Okay, maybe this happened just not-so-very recently. When MG struck me, there are several Holy Week activities that I have to miss. I could no longer participate in the processions and overnight vigils. I had to watch out for my condition because I dread to go to the E.R. again. This leaves me at home, and since I grew up not spending the longest weekend of the summer out in the beach partying but rather pray and meditate, I can’t have the heart to even eat ice cream and pizza to cure my boredom (abstinence!).

With this being said, maybe I should also confess that I can’t wait for the Easter to come, because by then, everything’s back to normal. I mean, I could eat what I want and do as I please without my conscience bugging me that I should be fasting and keeping myself from my life pleasures because that’s what my faith dictates. But now I think of it, is it even right to decide that everything should be back to normal after Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross?

I guess… maybe not.

Maybe there should be conversion. Not exactly leaving behind my vices which are books, coffee, chocolates and food, but leaving behind my not-so good habits like being a total judgmental bitch (Sorry. Sorry. Sorry). Maybe, I should be spending more time with the Lord than I already do. Maybe I’ll start on reflecting about the things I constantly ask from Him, and decide whether I should continue to ask or I should just leave it to Him, and instead ask for the country to be blessed with a rightful leader (okay, that’s probably huge). Whatever it is that I should do, maybe I should not do them the same way, but better.

In today’s gospel, Simon Peter and his friends went back to fishing after Jesus died. Maybe, they too, just decided to go back to their previous life and the things they used to do before they met Jesus. But maybe, they also want to do better at fishing. For they did not just catch fish. They became fishers of men.


Have a blessed Sunday.


Beth G.


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