All The Good Things

1) I just became an official paid book reviewer. I really thought that email would no longer ping my inbox, but it did. I am more than happy to get paid for something that I love doing. 🙂 This does not mean I won’t post reviews here for free – this is my home and this should be my priority. I’ll be posting the reviews on some other site so it’s cool.

2) Despite the many things that I’ve been doing lately, my physical condition seems to be great. The summer heat might trigger MG as well, but thank God I’ve been symptom-free for a while now. This is something I know I should always be thankful about (especially now that I am a busy body :-)).

3) I found a make up product that’s totally great. I went to the drugstore to pick up my prescription meds when I remembered to look for something for contour. It was on of the few things that’s missing from my make up kit so I decided to get one. And lo! I found a contour, highlighter and blush all in one product. It’s from Shawill and I’ve never tried it before (pardon me, I am a beginner), but the saleslady was ever so kind to show me how it’s used. I can’t wait to try it.


4) I’m done with my #romanceclass manuscript! (HURRAH!!!:):):)). I’ve been asking for some sort of motivations weeks ago, because I was starting to lose confidence that I would be able to finish. Simple pep talks over Messenger is quite pacifying – and this is really remarkable (thanks to Rockee, Nicole and Mark). Prayers work bigtime! And to Ultimate Crush whose career looks good right now that I am practically challenged to do the same. Wait, what?

5) I bought You might wonder why it’s not yet active. Apart from the fact that I’ve lots of things to do, I am still figuring out what’s going to happen once I mapped it here. I do hope I could spare some time next week. Gosh, I really want to move to a permanent home!

What happened to your week? Have you thanked God for it?


Beth G.


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