Book Report: The Bye Bye Bouquet by Chi Yu Rodriguez

Fact: In my entire life, I only received flowers three times. One of those occasions was because I convinced my then boyfriend to give me one.

Maybe I am not the flower-type of girl, because in all honesty, having received flowers just thrice in my whole life doesn’t bother me at all. Especially after reading this story. 😂.


What Is It About?

Meile Simon is an old-fashion young woman who owns a flower shop wherein she receives orders of what she called “bye-bye bouquet” from a certain Philip Leigh. She called them bye-bye bouquets because they consist of the flowers that mean goodbye or I had a nice time with you. She feels sorry for the recipients of these bouquets, not only because they are obviously being dumped, but also because they seemed to be victimized by the same notorious heartbreaker.Β  Meanwhile, Warren is this seemingly mysterious young man she met at a coffee shop (their first meeting was a blurr :-)). When Meile realizes who Warren really is, she would also realize that indeed, there are some things that worth a try.

Flowers Give the Feels

The Bye-Bye Bouquet is, as far as I remember, the first romance book I’ve read that dealt about flowers. This, I think is funny, since flowers have always been associated with romance (or is it just me?). But then they are used differently in this book – instead of being a symbol of love and devotion, they were portrayed as a symbol of heartache. I’ve read somewhere that flowers actually mean something when they are given as a gift, or an offer. Thing is, I really am not familiar with most of them, let alone of their meanings, so if I would receive a bunch of them, I really wouldn’t know what the sender’s trying to tell me.

Heartache For a Heartache

There are lots of crazy things people can do when they end up heartbroken. Just like Ginger, who just couldn’t get over the fact that she was dumped by Philip after a month. And Philip himself. Heaven knows how much pain he had to endure in his past, although I personally couldn’t justify his reasons of hurting these girls. But then, I wouldn’t know the intensity of his pain, so there.

The Bye-Bye Bouquet is a wholesome new adult romance that will leave its readers the idea that some things are really worth a try – albeit the seemingly unfavorable first impression and judgment. It’s a light romance read that’s perfect for curling up on a lazy weekend afternoon. Oh and yeah, don’t forget to examine the flowers left on your doorstep. Someone might be saying goodbye. 😄

Where to get the book:
Buqo: Php90
Amazon: $1.99
You can get the paperback copy by contacting the author at or by attending the #AprilFeelsDay. Just click the hashtag for details.

Spread the love.


Beth G.


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