If We Were Having Coffee…

While compiling some of the good things that happened to me the entire week has been too good, I realized that, maybe I could also share with you a little bit more of what’s going on my twisted mind. Right now I am on my second cup of coffee this Saturday morning, and let me tell you what’s on my mind if you were here having coffee with me.


It’s April and I am pretty much excited. I signed up as a volunteer for PPCRV (Parish Pastoral Council For Responsible Voting) and it makes me feel good to be doing something for the entire country for once. Philippine National Elections is coming up and the country needs a lot of prayers that it does not fall into the mercy of greedy hands. So anyway, there’s a training I need to attend next week, which I really am looking forward to.

Also, there’s April Feels Day, that’s going to be on the 17th. This got me pretty excited too, because I get to meet most, if not all, of my classmates in the #romanceclass2016 workshop. It’s got freebies (yay for new books!), tarot card reading, romance book reading and a whole lot more. What’s more, it’s going to be open for everyone, so it would really be great if you could come, too. There’s an entrance fee of Php200 which is inclusive of snacks. Let me tell you more about it in a separate post, okay?


Then if you’ve noticed, I blogged about Freshman Girl and Junior Guy last week. The book’s author, Mina Esguerra found out about it and said she finds my insights about the book quite interesting and wants to know what I think of the next books (that’ll be the Interim Goddess of Love trilogy). Her curiosity got me intrigued and at the same time overwhelmed, so I went to Amazon to download the set. But my stupid card won’t let me. I went to Buqo app instead, and lo! I found the first book available for download for free! I know deep in my heart I’d still download the entire set, only because I’d love to have matching covers on my bookshelf, even if it’s digital. But I still need to clear up some things about my card which means it’s not gonna happen ’till next week (sucker!)

But I know I should not feel so bad about it. After all, I’ve got a free book. Actually, I’ve got tons of free books (I am a freebie sucker, in other words kuripot!) and always on the lookout for them. So if I opt to get lazy and just stay home the entire weekend, I’ve got books to curl up with.


I didn’t get everything for free – I paid for some (not all great things are free). Now I am sitting here trying to decide which book to open first. Ooh, I just hope I could blog about all of them.

If we were having coffee, what are you going to tell me?


Beth G.


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