On the Big Screen: Batman Vs. Superman

Kalunos-lunos ang bayan na nangangailangan ng tagapagligtas. (Tragic is the city that needs a superhero.) – Bob Ong

This is the first thing that came into my mind while I was seeing the first few parts of the film. I’ve been whining about wanting to see Batman Vs. Superman, and yesterday was THE day. I am not a fan though – I am just a casual movie goer whose interest for boy movies is becoming more and more intense for some reason. Or maybe, it’s the Henry Cavill thing.

You've always been my hero. Will you cook eggs for me too?

So the crowd is already divided among those who claims Superman is their hero, and those who suffer the casualties of his saving. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne sides those who consider Superman as enemy. As Lex Luthor stirs the circumstances to further intensify how people feels about Superman, he manages to bring Batman and Superman to fight.

For a casual movie goer like me, the movie doesn’t disappoint (although I was too taken aback on how the story ended). I have no idea how cinematography should be in this kind of film, but I liked the way my heartbeat raced when it’s the car chase and fight scene. Although I must say that Ben Afleck could have done better. I was looking for some sort of drama or more angst of someone whose parents were killed in front of him when he was a kid, but I failed. Gal Gadot and Amy Adams were amazing though. And Lex Luthor, what can I say? I really wanted to throw a pan at him he was so amazingly annoying.

The seemingly dire need of people for a superhero is something that caught my attention in this movie. I bet it would be amazing if in real life, there would be someone to catch the bullets from a murderer’s gun, someone to block the bombs from the terrorists,’ hands or maybe someone who would fly me to the starry skies at night when my insomnia strikes. But then, the more extraordinary the things man can do, the more challenging life becomes. As if Metropolis did not have enough to be going on with, another mutant was created by Luthor just to challenge the Man of Steel. Good thing Superman has a heart. His ultimate sacrifice may not have ended it all, but for sure his intentions will forever be seared in the hearts of the people (do I seem to be romanticizing? Sorry).

The movie premiered in Manila on March 26th, so probably most people haven’t seen it yet. Batman Vs. Superman is one of the many films one cannot miss. The ending broke my heart though – I think you should not kill yourself right after your half-naked demonstration on how to cook a perfect sunny side-up for two. Some people may not be able to get over. Oh, wait… that’s me!

Go watch the movie and see for yourself if you want to know what I am talking about. 😂😂😂


Beth G.


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