Book Report: One Night at The Palace Hotel by Bianca Mori

Despite the many book hoardings I did last week (both Buqo purchased and freebies from fab authors), I decided to pick up something that’s been sitting on my digital library for quite sometime now. I swear, I’ve been meaning to read One Night at The Palace Hotel and now I understand why my instincts urge me to do so.


About The Book

Consuelo and Sam met in the U.S. and not-so-instantly became lovers. But Consuelo has a family obligation she has to attend to. Belonging to a family who has been desperately clinging to their name’s sinking glory and prestige, and being the only child, Consuelo’s fate has already been predicted. She should marry a wealthy man coming from a decent family, who can give back her family’s former social status, influence and… money. Forget her unexceptional feelings toward Sam, who was believed to be unworthy of a girl coming from the “influential” family of Dela Reds. Consuelo has to fly back to Manila and forget Chicago. Six years later, she’s about to get engaged to the wealthy Benjo who owns the newest Manila city skyline, The Palace Hotel. But Sam appeared, that same night, and then the intense feelings Consuelo had for him she thought she had already forgotten suddenly cace rushing back.

I think…

I can’t help but think about the star-crossed lovers Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt upin reading this short and super sweet story. But I liked this book even better, not only because I am a sucker for happy endings, but there’s also something about a seemingly damsel in distress being saved by the knight in shining armor type of thing. Although, what hooked me up the most is the way the book was written – the choice of words and the way they were being played by the author.

Anyway, going back to the story, I felt so sorry for Consuelo for not having the backbone to decide for herself. But then, it’s most probably how she was being taught and raised – to always say yes to everything she was told to do. And yes, it is also true that there really are great things that love can do. She was suddenly able to muster all the courage in her to fight for herself, her future and her happiness, leaving behind the belief that she was being selfish for failing her family’s ultimate plan for her. All thanks to Sam, who, after all these years stayed faithful towards his feelings for her, whose love never waver after six years of abandonment. And how could I even forget to mention the smutness level in this book?! Okay, there were maybe only one and half scenes of steaminess, but they were too intense and super hot.


All in all, One Night at The Palace Hotel is a short read, but it will definitely satisfy your total romance book cravings if you are looking for a hot-yet-sweet combination. Get it from Buqo by clicking here.

What’s the last book you’ve read? Tell me about it.


Beth G.


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