All The Good Things

1) The TCVS people allowed me to have surgery after the elections. I don’t actually like to have it postponed way to late, but for me to be able to do some things before I go under knives and stitches, I needed to it to be scheduled sometime in May. I just hope to heavens that I won’t have MG flare until then (or ever, for that matter).

2) My computer is up and running again (HOORAY!). It was one whole day of disaster. More than a hundred dollar worth of work went amiss because my computer crashed! Good thing my IT expert was able to fix it (oh hello there, Pat!). He’s one of the great people I worked with when I was in the youth ministry. Now we plan to upgrade it, and I am considering giving my computer a nice name for a more personal effect.

3) Another exciting opportunity awaits me. Okay… maybe I am the one who’s actually waiting. I applied for a job where I am required to buy books, read them and write a review. Yes, that sounds like pretty much what I’ve been doing on this blog. So I just made my Amazon account somehow presentable (FINGERS CROSSED!!!).

4) Book reviews are crucial. Speaking of book reviews, I believe I am doing the right thing reading and blogging about books, especially of Filipino authors. It’s the least I could do to support them. And yeah, I am also one of them so I know how it feels when you want to give up on writing and there’s a review on your book that says “I like it.” Could you please review my book? LOL!

5) These days remind me of the time I wrote Come and Rescue Me. The summer heat reminds me of how I conjured Joseph and Belle in my head. I remember not being able to talk and walk properly those days because of MG flare. A year after, here I am, blogging about it and thankful to the Lord that I am free from MG symptoms this summer.


Tell me how your week went.


Beth G.


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