While I Was Waiting Read Part II: Someday With You by Ines Bautista-Yao

The agony of waiting in line has always been stressing me – well, waiting has always been stressing me. That is why I am very much grateful for these simple life pleasures – short reads with lasting impacts. I was in the doctor’s office this morning and while I was waiting for my name to be called, Someday With You kept me company.


The Story

She’s so close yet so far… there is nothing more difficult and even more painful than falling in love with someone you consciously know belongs to someone else… maybe?

Someday With You is another book that gave me more than what my fifteen pesos deserves (I think I’m gonna say this more often now). This is also the second book I’ve read by Ines, and this is totally different from Plain Vanilla, well, apart from the fact that Plain Vanilla is a Y.A. read. Written in the male’s point of view, Patrick is head over heels with Andrea, who happens to be his friend and is going out with someone else. I must say I don’t usually encounter a book with this kind of plot. Andrea has this paasa or pa-fall vibe that Patrick could not seem to resist, and each time he does something for Andrea, the harder he falls for her. What’s more, the way his thoughts are written was so palpable that I could feel the bitterness of wishing to be with someone you know who can never be yours (aaww, heart breaks, snaps). You’d surely want to find out how Patrick handled it all, and how Andrea realizes that she missed a chunk of her life not noticing the beam of light that was Patrick’s love in front of her.

Get it from Buqo for only Php15. You can also visit the author’s website at http://theeverydayprojectblog.com/inesbyao-author-project/ to know more about her works. And yes, she’s also on social media.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/inesbautistayao
Twitter and Instagram: @inesbyao.

Happy reading!


Beth G.


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