While I Was Waiting Read: Driving Home by Carla De Guzman

I have been reading short stories lately, and I realized that doing reviews by batches does not do justice them really (I am so sorry for those I have featured in those… :'(). So now, I’ll be writing reviews one book at a time. Let me start with this short read by Carla De Guzman, Driving Home.


I read this yesterday while I was waiting for my CT Scan results to be released. I just hope the consultant wasn’t weirded out because I was smiling the way I know I wasn’t supposed to when he called out my name. Hahaha!

The Story

This is the second short story I’ve read from Carla. The first one I’ve read, Up All Night gave me more than my fifteen pesos deserved, and Driving Home is no different. First off, the book cover is cute, which I suspect the author made herself for I know her to be an outstanding artist.  Second of all, my dream car is Beetle, although I want mine to be pink. Third of all, the friends-turned-lovers story of Nacho and Isabel is too damn good to be true. Though it seems like the books that I’ve been reading lately have the same plot, I am so amazed that, yeah, there are a lot more creative ways to tell this kind of story.

And though I’ve might have already spoiled the ending, you would still have to read it because it’s the adventures of Nacho and Isabel that you need to watch out for, on how they actually turned to lovers from friends.

Get it from Buqo for just Php15 and you can also visit the author’s website at http://www.sonemidnights.com to find out more of her works.

Happy reading!


Beth G.


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