My Miracle… In God’s Time

One item in my latest All The Good Things series is that I underwent CT Scan last week. I also mentioned that I prayed for a miracle, that somehow, the mass in my chest that has been the culprit of my extreme muscle weakness (MG) finally left me. I wanted to believe that God would touch me, or do to me what Jesus did to Mary Magdalene. Maybe I was too eager to be healed, because I did not get the miracle that I asked for… entirely.

I got the results of my scans yesterday, and it showed that I still have thymoma. Yes, it’s still there, but it regressed. It became smaller, like it shrunk.


I haven’t talked to the neurologist yet to see if that is even possible, and the TCVS doctors cannot say anything about it either. The regression wasn’t really significant – it was jut less than a centimeter. But still, it is a regression. Something that made me ask myself and God. What if I prayed harder than I did? What if I doubled my perseverance in asking God for what I truly wanted?

Although, in the end, I thought, no matter what I did, if it was not the will of God, if it wasn’t His timing, then maybe, it’s not meant to happen at all. Perhaps the regression was simply to put me in that place wherein God would like to tell me that indeed, He listens, but not now. And maybe, He really wants me to undergo surgery.


To all the myasthenia gravis patients out there, did thymoma regression happen to you?


Beth G.


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