Book Report: #TalesFromTheMetro

I feel like I want to appear serious about catching up with reading books (😂😂😂) so let me tell you about my bedtime reads last night. I happen to be the type of girl who’d rather curl up with a good book than party (or maybe you could associate that either with MG or signs of aging). So yeah, again I raided my to-go online bookstore Buqo and found another set of romance gems.


I don’t have any idea behind how #TalesFromTheMetro were written. All I know is that they were prompted by Mina V. Esguerra. There were actually several books tagged for this, but I decided to choose three at the moment.


The Thing About Hug Replacements, Tara Frejas. So far, this is the second book I’ve read by Tara, and I admire this author’s obvious creativity. Sylvie and Aidan are long-time friends who eventually became lovers. Okay, well maybe this is one of the most clichè plots in the romance genre of books ever told, but believe me when I say that the author was able to tell it in a different way. And the cake names in Sylvie’s cafe were interesting enough to make me smile, much more than Aidan’s realization of how he truly felt for Sylvie in the end.

Get the book here for only Php15.


Sweeter by the Second, C.P. Santi. This book is the first I’ve read by C.P. Santi, and it’s about two old sweethearts who found love in each other the second time around. Rin said no to Tony the first time he asked her to give up her dreams and marry her instead. Apart from it’s career-oriented characters, the book also featured the picturesque place that was Jimenez, Misamis Occidental.

Get the book here for only Php15.


Prom Night Plus 12, Katrina Ramos Atienza. At first I thought that this book is a YA romance. Little did I know that the middle pages would actually tug my heartstrings. This not a romance story, but rather, a story a friendship. Bex, Jerson and Gil were reunited once more after 12 years after their senior prom, and as they gathered together, an inevitable tragedy forced then to remember everything that happened 12 years ago. And if you haven’t heard of Grape Banzai, you may want to find out what is it. Oh and yeah, this book is in Tag-Lish (Tagalog-English) too!

Get the book here for only Php15.

Did you just run out of things to read? Or maybe you would like to try something new? Perhaps you want to stop following your TBR and read something else on a whim. Try these books. You’ll never go wrong.

Happy Sunday!


Beth G.


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