Book Report: #StrangeLit Killer Seasons

Hey! It’s been a couple of weeks since the last time I reported about books. I realized just yesterday that I have been slacking again in my reading (having read only 11 books for this year) and so I decided to take sometime and update my Read shelf.

After hoarding books from Buqo (it has become my favorite digital bookstore now) I still chose to read on of the books that has been sitting all this time in my library – #StrangeLit Killer Seasons. It’s a bundle of stories that contain paranormal and fantasy elements which is a welcoming change to the usual books I’m reading (gosh, it’s been years since I’ve read Harry Potter and Twilight!). I believe a blog tour was conducted for all the #StrangeLit bundles (there were 4 of them) but I didn’t sign up since I wasn’t sure if my schedule would allow me to participate.


So anyway, I chose three titles to read instead of reading everything – titles that sound the most intriguing, and let me tell you what I think about them.

The Last Night of Her Wake, Chrissie Peria. I was able to read the blurb somewhere, and it somehow gave me the chills. The story is about Precious Joy Cunanan, a teenager whose body was grotesquely mangled to death. The  townsfolk has been talking about who did to her, bit maybe nobody really knows about it, except her father, Mang Gusting and that lone enormous creature hanging around by the old balete tree in their backyard. And there is always something creepy about enormous trees for some reason.  I was brave enough to face the chill, though, having it read in the middle of the night, but thankful that there wasn’t any tree around my house. Yikes!

At the Wishing Well, Amae Dechavez. The wishing well has always been a symbol of mystical stories, at least for me. In this story, Angelo, a young lad who aspires to be a doctor due to his father’s insistent suggestion meets a lovely girl whom he called Forest Dame. The girl, who later introduced herself as Hinata appealed like deity to me, having been able to give Angelo the things he need by magic. But the story progresses and Hinata’s terrible mischief allowed her and Angelo to be together. Really, how cool is that?

The Forget You Brew, Tara Frejas. The botanical garden. Nowhereland. The afforgeto brew. The setting strongly reminded me of Harry Potter and Storybrooke – Tim’s Kaipuhan Cafè serves the most enticing brew, including the afforgetto brew which allows the drinker to forget what she or he likes to forget (though there was no mention as to how that actually works to wipe off just a particular memory) and the expresso, which allows the drinker to tell the things he or she has been hiding inside (like love confession). But the story mainly evolved around Kyle and Allison, two friends who ended up in Nowhereland because of their certain need of emotional relief. Allison wanted to forget Kyle and everything about him, for she believed that her friend will never look at her more than just that, having caught him kissing another girl (:'() so she drinks the aforgetto. Meanwhile, Kyle was determined to retrieve her memories of him back, which led him to an adventure in the Repository of the Intangible where the memories are kept (I think it’s like the Department of Mysteries). He might have succeeded, but still ended up doing spectacular things just to make Allison remember.

So there. These three books kept me company the whole night last night, and I should say that I really enjoyed them. They were quite excellent entertainers. If you want to grab a copy of #Stragelit Killer Season, you can download it from Buqo or click here.

Have a great weekend folks!


Beth G.


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