All The Good Things

1. I went back to Lucca Bakery, this time with my highschool BFF/beta reader. The banana caramel cake was a piece of heaven. The buttery crumbs of crust on top of the moist banana cake drizzled with caramel was an ultimate bite. Clearly, I can’t get over this Italian restaurant. I should really try the pasta one of these days.


2. I met my childhood BFF and I realized how much I missed her. See, we’ve been together since 1998. We might have been apart for sometime, but yeah. She’s still my sister from another mom.


3. I had kimchi and well… I found out it was too hot for me. Hahaha! Kimchi looked so enticingly yummy so I thought I’d give it a try. But oh my! My face was tomato-red. I think prefer it with bibimbab.


4. The crocheted baby boots I ordered for my god-daughter is finally ready and I am about to meet my old collegues. Hurrah! I wasn’t able to give Baby Amarah any gift during the holidays (no, I am not a horrible ninang) so I decided to tap my friend who likes to crochet for business. She messaged me this week, saying the boots are ready and I could pick them up anytime. It got me pretty excited because the simple picking up of goods turned out as a reunion of our trio.

Aren't these cuties? If you want these too, contact me.

5. I survived Assignment 1 for #romanceclass! Yay! We were asked to submit the blurb/concept of our stories no later than today at 6pm. I emailed mine yesterday and the comments make me wanna go :):):) if you know what I mean. It’s just a start, but yeah. It’s nice to have your story scrutinized by renowned authors.


What about you? Tell me how did your week go.


Beth G.


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