Lucca Bakery and The Chocolate Sucker

It is hardly a secret that I am a sucker for chocolate. This fact is all over my blog, and this goes to anything chocolatey, including cakes. There are lots of cafès out there that serve superb chocolate cakes, but the one at Lucca Bakery gave me an ultimate satisfaction.

McCafè Chocolate Cake. The chocolate cake in McCafè is okay – though I should say that there is nothing special about it apart from the thought that it’s the place to go when my wallet does not allow me to satisfy my cravings for choco cake and coffee. My Php150 can actually go farther than expected, because I would normally get the brewed coffee from the regular McDonald’s counter. A very big difference compared to any other cafès, right? And yes, I am frugal. Hahaha!

Then my BFF-slash-beta reader insisted on checking out Lucca Bakery. She was too gaga over their 5-layer chocolate cake that she wants it for her wedding. I felt her disappointment when the staff told us that they don’t do it for two layers, and they don’t even do special requests. I wanted to protest, but I figured I needed something where I could pluck up the conviction that indeed, they needed to make some reconsideration. Thus, I decided to try it myself.

This piece of heaven deserves to be the star in a wedding reception.

My judgment? This piece of heaven should be the star in a wedding reception.

This huge slice of sweetness cost me Php105, not too far from the Php95 which is a slice from McCafè. It was also huge enough to share, though if you are a plain sucker like me, then you can eat all by yourself. I ordered it with americano, which is just too perfect.

Lucca Bakery is located at the 5th floor of SM Megamall Fashion Hall, near the skating rink. The service has improved significantly, I swear. I think I’m gonna come back sometime and try their pasta.

What about you? Which bakery you think serves the best chocolate cake?


Beth G. 


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