Holiday Reads: Until…Whenever, Up All Night and Stockholm Syndrome

It was 3 am when I decided maybe I could spend the day as lazily as I want to, given the fact that it’s holiday (it’s EDSA Revo Anniversary) and most people are out enjoying the non-working day. Though I still have tons of unread books in my mini-library, I browsed some books from Buqo and ended up downloading three. Until… Whenever, Up All Night and Stockholm Syndrome are three short and sweet stories from #WriteBreakUpSongsAbout, which I believe to be stories based on songs by that gorgeous boyband, One Direction.




Australia, Vietnam, China, India. These are the places where Laney and Kate randomly found each other. If it was universe conspiracy, I’d very much like that to happen in real life, specifically mine, seeing that I am constantly on the lookout for Ultimate Crush if he happens to be lurking nearby. Hahaha! Written by Yeyet Soriano, who is a known traveller, this short story made me want to go places and maybe allow the unseen forces do their job so I finally meet the man of my dreams (and yeah, add some stories to my Rendezvous section, too). Though I wondered why Kate always left Layne alone in the morning, after a blissful night of togetherness. If it was because of Rob, or something else, I couldn’t figure out. But then I’ve heard that this story might have a sequel, so that got me pretty excited.



Shabu-shabu. Congee. Almond cookies. Yes, the girl who likes to eat in me suddenly came alive upon reading Up All Night. This is written by Carla De Guzman, on of the people I have bundled with in the JustWritePH – For Love. Set in Hong Kong and Macau, this story strongly reminded me of that Pinoy movie, That Thing Called Tadhana for some reason. But I can imagine the carefree personality that was Penelope, and the serious-looking Anton, who seemed to have the time of his life as he subconsciously doing things for the first time because of Penelope (booking a date, eating congee at that famed resto and stealing a box of almond cookies). These might be good items on a bucket list.



Ahh, young love it is. The kind of love that does not know how to resent, and to even hurt the other. At least that’s what I remember. Ara knowingly fell in love with her childhood friend, Chris as they grew up seeing each other at family Valentines and Christmases. The story inked by Raquel Sarah A. Castro pretty much focused on how first love could be devastating, especially when you found out you are actually having an unrequited love. It also showed just how wonderful first love is, when you finally ‘fessed up your love to the one, and your just realized that after all, your love could be reciprocated.

Three short and sweet reads for the holiday were enough to waken up the romantic in me. Maybe I’ll write my own short story later.

At 3 am. 😀


Beth G.


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