ProjectNY Battle on Wattpad

This is one of the reasons why I haven’t blogged about new books these days. One dear friend asked me a favor to read the entries for a story-writing competition in Wattpad called ProjectNY Battle.


I am not an active Wattpad user, and I created a Wattpad account for the sake of having it and I thought it was necessary because all my new friends have theirs, so I don’t really have an idea that this kind of competitions are even taking place. Anyway, the best story will be published as a book. By experience, if you are an author, nothing is more rewarding that to see your own published work inside the shelves of bookstores.

I think Nayin Yagdulas, the person responsible for this battle, should be given more than a pat on the back for giving such kind of opportunity to those authors who want to published. I am giving her more than two thumbs-up.

I’ve already read three stories last night, all different genres, and by the looks of it, seems like talented writers are hidden in the corner. Why oh why, I am not sure. For the first time in my life, I was forced to read books that are not my cup of tea (oooh, I was forced to read different kinds of books in college) and it turned out that it wasn’t really a bad idea. It was an adventure, and I am all too willing to take it rather than say no.

The stories are written in Filipino, so if you are interested in reading them to, you can check them out on Wattpad.


Beth G.


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