Things I Wish People Knew About Me

Things are going smoothly lately, though it’s not too perfect (what’s perfect, anyway?). There are lots of things lurking in my twisted mind, albeit the absence of a newly read book or a newly watched movie (The Choice’s Philippine Premiere’s today so I might head over to the cinema). So I came to seek refuge from my planner, which had questions for self reflection. Here’s its question of the week.


What are the things you wish others knew of you?

My silence, more than anything, is quite deadly. Not many people knew about it, except maybe for a couple of girlfriends who knew me from way back. I am not easily offended, but when I do, there are only two ways I’d react. Speak up my mind, or hold my silence. If I choose the latter, give me a few days or weeks and I’ll speak to you again. Don’t pester me with phone calls, texts, and other sort of communication. It pisses me off.

If I hold my silence further, that means we’re over.

I also have a knack of bluntly saying uncomfortable truths. Truths that you already know about yourself but you just choose to deny it. If this is the case, you’ll laugh off at my statement. If not, you’ll get offended and regard me as insensitive.

But insensitivity and being honest about someone else’s truth has a thin line between them. There’s a difference.

What about you? Are there things you wish people knew about you? Lemme here them. 🙂


Beth G.


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