Why Deadpool is Such a Riot


Honestly, I don’t know Deadpool. I don’t know who he is or how he is as a character seeing as I am a Funny Komiks kid (oh, hello there 90’s kids of the Philippines!) and not Marvel. So why did I even bother to watch?

Deadpool is crazy! – says one of my Facebook friends who happens to be a big-time blogger.

Deadpool is awesome. – says my Ultimate Crush.

See, just a rave or two coming from what I think are trusted sources made me ready myself for another big screen adventure. True enough, it wasn’t a bad decision. At all.


Laughter to the nth level. It was an action-romantic-comedy film so maybe this is supposed to be expected. Even the rolling credits in the beginning of the film drove me nuts!

Drama is present, too. This is something I should have seen coming. I guess all action films have a soft spot in them. Wade has cancer, and everybody knows cancer is a bitch. He does what he must in order to survive and spare his girlfriend for all the pain and suffering. Isn’t that sweet?

Expletives can’t hardly be missed. It must be why it’s R-16. Apart from the year-round sex scenes (ooh yeah there are some, but not too steamy), the frequent use of the F word could hurt your sensitive ears growing up in a conservative environment.

All of us can be heroes in the end. Maybe it wasn’t about sparing the enemy, or saving your girlfriend from danger. Maybe it’d the reason you do everything you do that makes you a hero. Or maybe that’s just what I think.

It was indeed a great show. I’d live to imagine myself seeing another movie of the same kind.


Beth G.


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