A Day Out on Valentine’s Day

So much for not feeling well the past days that I wasn’t able to fulfill my ultimate craving at that Spanish resto on Saturday. Fortunately, there’s a planned mini-getaway with my MGSPI folks that heaven basically forbid me to be on house arrest on a Valentine’s day.

Anyway, it was just a simple get away, but it became a huge biggie. It was Ate Leah’s (MGSPI president) birthday so we decided to visit the zoo for a change. I’ll be too damned to deny the fact that the idea stirred my excitement because I wanted so bad to see a giraffe. Hahaha! But yeah, so much of my disappointment and dismay, there wasn’t a captive giraffe, and what’s more, the selection of animals they have a pretty limited. I was even looking for an orang-utan, all to no avail. The Reptile House looked promising, though.


We had lunch and then we went to mass at the Manila Cathedral. Then we hopped in to Fort Santiago.


It was a long day, and it was full of fun. I wanted to post the zillion pictures but it’s Monday and there’s work to do. And yes… I am still a bit tired from yesterday.


And I woke up this morning with my nose clogged and feeling like fever is coming. Geez.

Happy Monday folks!


Beth G.


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