Book Report: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

There is nothing more disheartening than the fact that you are never going to be enough, no matter what you did. For me, this is an ultimate rejection.

What the book is about?


Will Traynor has all the best in life – a good job, and therefore a wealthy life that allowed him to go places, good friends, pretty girlfriend. That is until that one rainy morning when he became the worst collateral damage in a motorcycle accident. He became a quadriplegic, someone who has lost the ability to move his arms and legs due to a spinal cord damage. Meanwhile, Louisa Clark is this 26-year-old non-ambitious woman, whose seven-year relationship with Patrick seems to going nowhere. She comes from an underpriviledged family and she is almost the only one who brings money in. These two people meet out of their dire needs, Will needs a carer and Lou needs the money. What they don’t know is that, their meeting could change each other’s perspective in life, in a way that will touch anyone who would know their story.

On suicide.

I have read a lot of suicide-themed books last year, although most of them are YA reads. I never knew that there is an institution called Dignitas, who is actually willing to help you kill yourself when you think your life is already this worthless piece of junk. Terminally ill people and the likes are qualified. I am not endorsing this place, and I will never do, but I know I have to say something about it in my own opinion. As a Catholic, of course, this is a big NO. However, I should say that as an individual, religion aside, suicide might not be an answer. Sure, I might have no idea what the question is – like maybe, the why’s and the how’s of the reasons why a person comes up with this decision. Will no longer has the ability to do the things he used to do, big or small, and it is heartbreaking indeed that what could happen in just one fleeting moment can change your life forever. Due to myasthenia gravis,  I somehow know what it feels like, not to be able to move on your own (even using the toilet is a big struggle), but of course, it isn’t the same as Will’s situation. I guess, what he lacked was this will to live, and to believe that there is still something that could be done. He was confined in that wheelchair for a short 2 years, and I should say that he never really had enough time to mull things over.

Help can only be given to those who seek it and actually accept it.

Louisa could only do so much to prove Will that there is more to life despite everything. It is so sad to realize that in this situation, love never suffice. I felt Lou’s struggle, her desire and determination to change Will’s mind and keep him alive. The best part of it is that gets all her strength to care for Will not from dire pity, but from the love which unexpectedly sprouted towards Will.

Until the few pages of Me Before You, I kept hoping that it ends sensationally. I wanted to change Will’s mind, too. This book affected me in a way that the book never did for so long, and for that, maybe you should read it too.


Beth G.


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