Book Report: Wedding Night Stand by Mina V. Esguerra

Weddings are the most intimate celebrations known (at least to me), and I sincerely believe that there’s nothing more perfect than meeting someone with whom you can spend your time with for long while somebody else’s forever just started.


What is it about?

Andrea has been every man’s Ms. Right Now – they kept her company until they’re ready to settle down with someone who, unfortunately is not Andrea (ouch!) One guy actually screwed her big time that she learned to hate weddings. Meanwhile, Damon has been pining for the same girl for almost two years now, and the super slow progress of his efforts to win her heart already makes him question if everything was even worth it. As the worlds of these two seemingly not-so-lonely people collide at Andrea’s sister wedding, they discovered that maybe, just maybe, somebody out there is more deserving of their time.

What I think about it.

Okay. So Andrea is a free-spirited kind of woman who loves trying out new things whenever given the chance. She was smart enough to know this about herself and even contemplated on it, if that was actually the reason why guys doesn’t seem interested in tying her to forever. I loved the fact that her resentment towards the situation provided me something positive, especially when she said “to the women they can keep up with.” Because clearly, she didn’t have any plans of adjusting and even changing herself in order for these guys to be able to keep up with her. Maybe she believed she just needed a better man, which I totally agree.

Daphne as Andrea’s Ms. Bolivia

I personally have this constant need of a friend who would push me to do something which I already know I have to do (like what Ms. Bolivia did to Pia). In Andrea’s case, Daphne did that little push to run to Damon and find out what could happen between them next. I’ll never forget that quote.

I will not quit until I see where this leads.

I think I’m gonna make this my new mantra. šŸ˜€

Wedding Night Stand is short and sweet, not to mention that the smut level is in the heights (which can also be taken literally because of that steamy gazebo encounter). I am actually wondering if there is a sequel to it.

Recommendation. Romance readers out there, this is another gem to be added to your collection. Get it from Buqo by clicking here or visit


Beth G.


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