Book Report: Landing Dr. Right by Rylie Miranda

Wouldn’t you just wish to be sick all the time if you are going to be treated by a freaking hot doctor? Personally I don’t – only because I don’t want that so-called “conflict of interest” be in the way. LOL! Alex was described as a half-Filipino-half-Brit hunk, and considering his supposed sexy Brit accent, Dr. McDreamy was the one in my head the whole time I was reading (or someone else… maybe?).


A bit of background.

Kayla went barging in to her mom’s doctor’s office when she heard what the doctor did to her mom, only to find out that her mom’s doctor is Alex-slash-AJ, the half-Brit arrogant prig she met way back, cousin of her best friend, Mitch. The two of them can’t seem to stand each other, even when they spent a weekend together along with Mitzi and some other friends for Kayla’s birthday. But that weekend also gave them the chance for them to discover what the other one could offer.

What I think…

Hmmm… I already have a published work wherein the main character is a doctor, and now I am wondering why on earth did I restrain myself of putting hot, steamy scenes in that book, regardless of ethics, that is! Anyway, Landing Dr. Right is your typical I-hate-you-then-I-love-you introduction. Alex ad Kay couldn’t stand each other, although it was too obvious that what they really want to do is devour each other. So much for the sizzle, right? But what I like the most about it is the fact that Alex demonstrates being a gentleman in his simple gestures like kissing on the forehead, driving Kay from Laguna to Manila in the middle of the night, and the biggest thing being his refusal to make love with Kay while she was drunk. He even cleared to her first hand that what happens between them couldn’t be just a one time thing or a one night stand. Given the fact that he was practically raised in London, those things make him one helluva man that I doubt still exists in real life.

Smut level. This is also a part of the Buqo Steamy Reads, I think, so everything was vividly hot ad sizzling. That drunken night though…

Recommendation. If you are a fan of contemporary romance books, this is a gem, so make sure you have this on your reading list. Get it from Buqo by clicking here.


Beth G.


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