The Week of The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

When we say love story, we automatically think of romance books and the millions of tales about a man and a woman falling in love in many different ways. Love, for me, is somewhat vague and complex. And I experienced a lot of bad feelings because of it – anger, bitterness, resentment, you name it. But then again, love is the only one thing that serves as the antidote to every negative feeling known to man.

There are different kinds of love, and there are a lot of books that has been written about them. There’s actually one particular book which has become my ultimate favorite. This book tells its readers about a love that never fades, a love that can survive for all eternity. The kind of love that chases the other one who ran away. That certain kind of love that shares everything it has to share, yet it remains whole even after all the promises to it had been broken. This kind of love is inevitable, for this love saves, and does not cease to exist even during the darkest times or even during death.

This kind of love is introduced to all mankind through a book that I consider as the book of the greatest love story ever told.

The Bible.

This week is National Bible Week in  the Philippines. Take time to read the Bible and share about a love story at its greatest.

A blessed Sunday to all of us.


Beth G.


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