Book Report: Turning Points by Yeyet Soriano

If I would be given a chance to choose between two futures, between the one where I did what I was passionate about and the one where I did what everyone believes for me to be the right thing to do, I honestly don’t know which one to choose. Life decisions are too essential in determining the future and I just have no idea which part of my life will be lost and missed if by any chance I choose one over the other. This is basically one of the major things that I came to ponder on after reading Turning Points.


What Is It About?

Sandy is a successful IT consultant, married to an average man, Miguel, and is a mother of three kids. Life couldn’t get any better until that moment when she was given the chance to live the life she could have had, had she made a different choice in the past, so many years ago. With a  lot of subconscious “what ifs” within her, she decides to go back to that moment when she never met her husband, and take the life she could have had, as Alex. Alex, on the other hand, is everything Sandy wanted herself to be when she was young – a theater actress, a published author, a photographer, and is always in the limelight. As the lives of the two women interchanged, they both realized the things that’s been missing and things to be thankful for in their respective lives.

My Impression

The book was a long read, as it took me two nights to have it finished. I am glad that I did though, because the book can be considered a gem like that of Mitch Albom’s  The Time Keeper. There were a lot of realizations and things to ponder as I reached the last page. Truly, my decision to pack my shelf with books by Filipino authors is proving to be a great decision after all. The story gives the readers the chance to see every character’s point of view, and so I was able to relate with each of them. I was able to particularly relate to Lizzie, Sandy’s teenage daughter and the scenes with her mom reminded me of my own teenage years when I was too stubborn and didn’t get along well with my  mother. There were also some elaborate back stories about some of the other characters that are essential in Sandy’s ad Alex’s lives, which made me understand as well about the decisions made by the main characters respectively.

A split choice can change your life forever.

Sandra Alexis Marquez was given the chance to have a split future unknowingly. It was her choice on which bus to take, that gave her two different lives in the future. Thus, Alex and Sandy existed. Funny how the little choices in our lives make a difference all throughout the day. Alex’s and Sandy’s lives were too different to compare, and that is just because of one, simple choice.

Be careful what you wish for. So when Sandy has finally taken Alex’s life, she realized a lot of things. She had come to learn that, she loved the life she had after all. The people who remained in that life, and the people who went, were all dear to her, and each one gave her something to be held on forever. She also discovered that one cannot have everything in life all at once, and it can never be too perfect.

Should you read it? If you enjoy Mitch Albom’s works, you’ll definitely enjoy this. Get it from Buqo or contact the author at


Beth G.


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