Book Report: Crashing Into Him by Halina Cabrera

To all the women out there, here’s a million dollar question: What are you gonna do if a jerk of a guy standing right in front of you happens to be looking so good it gets you to wonder if he tastes even better? Well, I personally don’t go into looks masyado, but I think Hazel is.

What Is It About?

Hazel meets Luis in a very awkward situation – their cars collided on the traffic. And the whole time they were trying to settle the damages in front of a police officer in the police station, Hazel was totally distracted. Luis’s abs and broad shoulders effectively drove the lady crazy. Should I elaborate more? Since this book is a part of Buqo Steamy Reads, I knew right away that the bed scenes would be intense. Well there was only one steamy scene but I was completely blown away.


My Impression

To be honest, I didn’t feel like there was an element of romance in the story, aside from Hazel’s little conversation with her mom. For me, it was more of the physical attraction and casual sex. There’s totally nothing wrong with it because as I have mentioned, it’s part of Buqo Steamy Reads. Although I would love for it to have a second book, just to follow up with Hazel and Luis’ love story.

Should You Read It?

It’s just a short read, and  was able to finish it at roughly 15-20 minutes. But if you’re not comfortable with an elaborate bed scene, then this is not your cup of tea. Get it from Buqo by clicking here.

Spread the love.


Beth G.


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