Monday Musings: The Things That Make Me Smile

Life is tough, the say. Life is unfair they say. Who would not think of these things if your world is starting to crumble right before your eyes, right? It was a very long process for me to understand and finally accept the fact that, indeed, life is beautiful because it is tough, and life is totally fair. It is just a matter of appreciation for what I have.


These days, life could be as challenging as it is. But I’ve noticed that the more I dwell on its challenges, the harder it is to manage. So what I normally do is to just shrug it off and focus simple things. Easier said than done, right? But trust me, it works.

Same thing for the things that make me smile. I believe there’s no  need to travel far and go somewhere to find happiness. It’s the little things that can truly do wonders.

1) Coffee. Coffee has been my antidote to everything – stress, tiredness, restlessness, sadness, loneliness, anger, etc. Just a cup of black coffee (or caramel macchiato) brightens up my day.

2) Chocolates. Who would not smile after eating a bar of chocolate? Tell me!

3) Small surprises. A newly opened coffee shop which serves 3-in-1 coffee. Nobody stands in line in the priority lane by the drugstore. On sale dresses. The discovery of a store that sells cute notebooks.

4) An awesome book. I am a bookworm so what do you expect?

5) A comment on my posts. Hahaha! Yes, make me smile. 🙂

Now, it’s your turn. What makes you  smile?


Beth G.


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