Bayong ng Kuting Kid Lit Writing Workshop

Ever since I joined the Just Write Fiction Writing Workshop, various opportunities have come my way that definitely helped my writing career. Aside from meeting some superb writing buddies, I also get the chance to meet the authors whose books were constantly updated on my shelf (hello, Ms. Mina V. E.!), not to mention the different writing workshops that would help me explore when it comes to writing different genres.

Okay, romance is my main genre, but that doesn’t mean that I am incapable of writing something else. Maybe that’s why I joined Bayong ng Kuting. It’s a writing workshop, which is mostly online wherein people would get to write cat-themed children stories. I am not fond of pets, that’s for sure, but I love kids, so I guess that’s saying something. Or maybe I just want to prove something to myself.


The workshop started on January 9, and I was able to submit my story concept last Wednesday. It’s just a 1000-1500-word story, so I guess I’d be able to finish it by the weekend. If some sort of inspiration kicks in. Hahaha!

Happy Friday!


Beth G.


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