BOOK REPORT: One Sweet November Day by Amae Dechavez

Young love, in my opinion, is always one of the best feelings in the world. It isn’t very clear why, but the feeling of always wanting to smile whenever your thoughts drift to the person in question or the sudden jolt in the stomach when you finally find him by the corridor or on the school grounds makes you believe that you are just one lucky person. Well, these are the emotions that you’re supposed to feel when you are in love right? But of course, nothing beats the first love. This is what Ethan probably believed in One Sweet November Day.

Maylie, on the other hand, although feeling the same, had her doubts. There were lots of things that she was rationalizing about, like her busy work schedule (she worked at the UPLB Iibrary), her seemingly unavailability when it comes to Ethan, and also the matter of trust between her and Ethan. Although she has the right, and I should say it was essential, rationalizing things too much when you’re in love makes it much more complicated than it already is. Fortunately, though young they may seem, Ethan and Maylie were able to salvage their relationship and stayed together.


This little young adult romance story effectively reminded me of my own college days. The sense of inspiration and the want to ace that dreaded finals in Statistics just because the guy I liked was an engineering student and therefore I felt the need of impressing him through numbers suddenly came rushing back to me. In other words, this book will make you remember the remarkably sweet highlights of your first young love. It’s just a light  and easy read, perfect for my bedtime reads. Not to mention that there were lot of things I’ve learned about the remarkable UPLB grounds.

One Sweet November Day is written by a fine Filipina author, Amae Dechavez, and it is the very first book I’ve read and finished in 2016. Indeed, Filipinos are naturally romantic and so, you’ll never go wrong in picking up a romance book written by a Filipino. If you want to get a copy of this romantic read, please click here, or get in touch with the author herself through these pages:


What about you? What is the first book you’ve read this year? Share me your thoughts.

Beth G.


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