I Still… Solo Release Soon on Buqo

Yay! Finally, after months of debating with myself if should lift a finger and revise the story I’ve written and released in the market along with other books written by fresh Filipino authors, I Still… is gonna be having its solo release on Buqo. This is the book that I released back in August last year, bundled with three other romance stories under the JustWritePH Fiction Writing Workshop.

This standalone release should have been on November. However, since I submitted a manuscript written and finished in merely two weeks and under pressure, I felt the need of improving. There were no major revisions done, actually. I  just tweaked the chain of events a little bit and minimized the grammar and typo errors. I think this is the beauty of digital publishing. There is still the chance for the author to revise his or her published work. Within limits, of course.

So what can you expect from this standalone version of I Still…? You might have already bought and downloaded the For Love bundle so why get this standalone copy, right? Well, this version is totally different because:

1) It is the expanded version. A few chapters have been added and there are more kilig scenes with Denmark and Jamaica.

2) Less grammar and typo errors so if you are a grammar/spelling Nazi, then this version is less annoying. Hahaha!

3) It has a different BOOK COVER.


I will post the instructions on how to grab a copy of this book once it’s finally out.

Indeed, 2016 proves itself to be so good, and I would like to have it associated with God being so great all the time He really answers those requests and pleas that are totally good for us.

Spread the love.

Beth G.


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