Hello 2016!

Whew! There are a lot of things that took me so long to touch this space again. So now that I am back, let me just do some recap of what’s on my mind right now.

2015 left me with so many unforgettable things. They say opportunities rarely come by and so, I took my chance when they did. I released two books – one in August under the JustWritePH workshop, and the other one was released in October, Come and Rescue Me. I was also given the opportunity to help establish MGSPI (Myasthenia Gravis Support of the Phils., Inc.), a non-profit organization which aims to help Filipinos with myasthenia gravis patients like me. It feels so good to be able to do something for the benefit and welfare of others. And though I didn’t find myself active in the church community, I was given the chance to speak about God’s love in November, in the Change for Lifetime Seminar. Indeed, God is so great that He gave me lots of opportunities to prove that, despite my condition, I am still capable of doing something good in my life. I certainly owe this all to Him.

I’d like to believe that 2016 will much better that the previous year. I said in my previous post that I joined NaNoWriMo for the first time, and well, I didn’t really make it to 50,000 words on time. I finished the story though, and I am pretty much excited to share with you that I am currently working on that story to make it a book J so, please, watch out for it. Aside from that, I am also waiting for the Christmas story I wrote to be out in the market. I know it’s already way past the Yuletide season, but I believe that the story of forever can be shared just about any time of the year. Right? Oh and yeah, my book, I Still…, which is bundled with other romance novellas in the JustWritePH For Love will be out soon as a standalone book. Hoorah!

Indeed, my year ahead looks pretty much exciting. Planning ahead is indeed great, but of course, God’s plan is waaay much better. And yes, there would be some downtime, and God allows these challenges to make sure if we would still love Him despite the bad weather.

How about you? What do you look forward in 2016? Share me your thoughts.


Beth G.


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