BOOK REPORT: Another Day by David Levithan

How can you possibly love someone who constantly leaves you? How can you start something, anything, with someone who has to be a different person everyday?

I remember my ultimate frustration as I finished reading Everyday. Sure, it got my interest and my curiosity and wondered what it’s like to be A, a person, or an entity, or a thought that inhabits different bodies everyday. I wondered what it’s like to be Rhiannon, a girl who falls in love everyday with A. So I was glad that finally, Another Day came out. I was expecting it to be a sequel, a book that will answer all the questions I had in the first book. What happened to A? Did he decide to keep from moving from one body to the next and be with Rhiannon? Was he able to learn how to stay in one body, just like Reverend Poole? And what, exactly, is A? Though Another Day didn’t exactly answer all these questions, there was a smile of satisfaction on my face towards the ending. There was something in it that made me believe all the more in hope and endless possibilities.


I felt sorry for Rhiannon at first, for the way Justin treated her. I was much too affected by it and started disliking Justin’s character, and continue to dislike it towards the end. The thing is, I couldn’t possibly blame Rhiannon for sticking with Justin and for allowing him to treat her so badly, because I am also one of those girls who tend to believe that everything will be well, everything’s gonna work out just fine if I would just give it another chance or another try. I guess Rhiannon truly loved Justin.

The distraction A gave her was intense, that I could tell. It was so frustrating to be with someone and not be with them really. The lengths she could go just to be with A – the hours-long drives, the ditching of school, and even her break-up with Justin in front of the entire school are all enough manifestations that, yes, Rhiannon has indeed fallen in love with A.

I kept hoping that the ending will give me what I wanted – A would finally realize how badly he needs to be with Rhiannon and as selfish as it may seem, he’s going to continue inhabiting the same body, killing the real owner of the body in the process. But of course, the author has the better idea. Though, yes, in my mind, A is still there, and he decided to stay for good.

Another Day is a compelling read, at the same time mind blowing and curiosity triggering. This isn’t just your average YA read.


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